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Dogecoin, Updates, and More!

We have fully transitioned over from our old a la carte shop that was connected to our subscription box.

This new website will allow us to customize our products more, accept orders for fresh baked cookies, offer curbside pick-up and more!

The first thing we did was set up our payment system. We now accept all cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AND DogeCoin! Yes, that's right! We're big supporters of #dogecoin and want to see it flourish. All purchases made with Dogecoin will automatically get 15% off!

We're still tweaking things as we go and adding more products and photos within the next few weeks. We sell out of our mixes so quick that it's hard to keep stock of all our mixes at all times. We're going to ramp up production soon and we'll add as much as we can to the website to keep up with the demand.

If you do see any errors, please let us know. We're a small family owned company working day and night and may make a few mistakes here and there.

For our local customers, we'll open up our boutique soon! Keep an eye out for another blog post with more deets!

To help with emails, we have added an FAQ page that covers both our websites as well as a new help desk system. Your questions will be assigned a ticket so we can keep track of our communications with you better.